Removing Water Marks from Marble

Nothing elevates the look of your home more than a stunning marble surface. It’s sure to impress your friends and visitors for years to come. However, many people don’t realize that mineral deposits can dull marble. Your marble surfaces require some basic maintenance to ensure that they’re ready for the long haul. Take a minute to learn more about water mark removal and marble polishing in Manhattan, NY.



Water marks are frequently misidentified as etch marks, which require a completely different maintenance process. Etch marks involve physical changes to the marble’s surface, whereas water marks simply result from mineral buildup caused by hard water. In many cases, you can distinguish between an etch and a mark by rubbing your fingers over the surface. If you feel an indentation, you’re likely dealing with an etched surface; if you feel a raised patch, the culprit is a water mark.



One strategy for removing water marks is the use of steel wool. Dry off the surface of your marble, and then rub the steel wool in a circular motion until the mark is buffed out.



The final step of marble polishing in Manhattan, NY, is the application of a high-quality marble cleaner. Get a clean towel and your preferred cleaning solution to leave your countertop looking as shiny and good as new.


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