You Have Options for Your Broken Countertop

Even the best-designed countertops break. Old installations can become damaged with daily wear and tear, and what looks like a small scuff or scratch can lead to extensive damage. Before calling a remodeling contractor to replace your broken countertop, consider your other options. In this post, we will discuss the benefits of countertop repair in Manhattan, NY.


From a practical standpoint, opting to repair a broken surface is much more cost-effective than paying for a complete replacement. In many cases, repair companies can work on the affected, broken areas of a surface while leaving the rest of the installation intact. Countertop restoration teams are specially trained and experienced with bringing back the look, feel, and condition of damaged surfaces. Repairs can be relatively quick, too – a few days to a week, depending on the extent of the damage and the type of work that needs to be done.


Compare this to a fully involved replacement. A replacement project involves many steps, including:

  • Removal of the Old Surface
  • Fabrication of the New Surface
  • Installation and Cleanup

Altogether, a replacement project is a costly and time-consuming process. It may not be feasible to scrap an existing countertop.


Ultimately, the choice between a repair and a replacement is up to you. By working with an experienced countertop repair contractor, you can make a sensible decision on whether to remove those scratches – or start over from scratch.

A Brief History of Terrazzo Flooring

Like all great things, terrazzo flooring restoration in Manhattan, NY, has humble origins. Let’s go back a few centuries and discover the history of terrazzo flooring. The burgeoning flooring industry of 15th-century Venice, Italy, gave rise to innovations. Masons and artisans were trying to find ways to make use of scrap marble.


Through experimentation, the workers would mix pieces of marble into clay and grind them down into a comfortable surface. The novel aesthetics of the flooring caught on, and thus “terrazzo” (Italian for “terrace”) was born. The workers would finish the flooring with goat’s milk and let the true colors of the terrazzo shine through and create a walking surface that was meant for the Italian nobility.


In the early twentieth century, innovations in manufacturing and finishing allowed terrazzo to be produced quickly – and with more customization options. Electric grinding enabled flooring with a smooth and almost mirror-like finish. At around this time, Portland cement was becoming an industry standard and this material could be dyed with the terrazzo to create striking color combinations.


Over time, epoxy became the popular binding agent for terrazzo floor manufacturing. This allowed makers to add different materials other than marble bits, such as glass, metal, and seashells.


Terrazzo has been around for centuries, yet new and exciting developments are always on the horizon for this material. Consult with your local terrazzo flooring restoration company to learn more about this enduring flooring type.

Taking Care of Stone Countertops

Having a new stone countertop installed in your home is a great way to beautify your kitchen. Before you start to cook, it is crucial that you know how to take care of it! Here are a few tips to help you get started:


Wipe Up Spills – Did you know that stone countertops can be stained if you do not clean up a spill as soon as possible? You don’t want to have some terrible stain sitting right in the middle of your beautiful counter! Take the time to clean up any spills that happen as soon as possible.


Wash with Mild Soaps – It is vital that you never use harsh cleaners like scouring powders or citrus-based cleaners on your stone countertops. These cleaners can cause damage over the years. Eventually, you will have to replace the countertop. Only use mild soap and water to clean your counters.


Avoid Excessive Heat – If you put hot pans, pots, or dishes on your countertop, you could cause a thermal shock to your countertop. This issue can cause cracks. Make sure that you have plenty of trivets when cooking.


If you are seeking a professional to help you with residential or commercial stone care in Manhattan, NY, you can trust the talented specialists at Diamond Stone Restorations Corp. Free estimates are available for our services.

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