Keeping Marble Stain Free

Many people choose marble surfaces as design elements because of their beauty and durability, but marble can stain despite our best efforts. Would you know how to remove stains from your marble floors or countertops? Using the wrong cleaner may make the stain worse or damage the marble itself. You may wish to take the quick, easy, and safe solution of arranging professional marble polishing in Manhattan, NY, or you can try removing it yourself using these tips.


Organic Stains

Organic stains are typically light pinkish-brown to dark brown and are caused by coffee, tea, fruit, tobacco, food, flowers, urine, and blood. You can clean with a mixture of 12 percent hydrogen peroxide and a few drops of ammonia. A professional is a safe bet for marble polishing if you’re unsure of what has caused the stain.


Mold and Mildew Stains

Mold and mildew stains are typically green or black and are caused by excessive moisture, especially in dark environments. Bleach kills mold on non-porous surfaces but cannot penetrate porous surfaces, like natural stone, where mold spores can grow again. Distilled white vinegar and hydrogen peroxide kill mold spores in porous materials such as natural stone; however, do not use vinegar on any natural stone. Hydrogen peroxide is safer for light-colored stone but may dull dark-colored natural stone over time.

Keeping Your Floor Clean at a Large Building Benefits Everyone

If you are a business owner, you want to ensure your workspace is functional, tidy, and durable. That’s why hard surfaces, like tile, make a smart choice for flooring in many businesses and offices. Not only can it be a great interior design element, but most hard floors are relatively tough and able to handle lots of foot traffic. However, no floor is impenetrable to dirt and grime. This is where professional floor cleaning in Manhattan, NY, comes in.


Here are three main benefits to keeping your floor clean at a large building:



Often floors get dirtier so gradually that you might not even notice the tiles and grout darkening over time. An easy way to check is to look at some floor under a piece of furniture. If the area is a different color, its time for professional floor cleaning.



Even with regular mopping, professional floor cleaning should occur regularly. Dirt and grime can get stuck in the porous structure and thrive. To keep employees healthy, make sure regular professional floor cleaning is undertaken, so floors are clean on more than just a superficial level.


Cost Saving

Dirt particles are damaging to your tile and grout over time. Regular professional floor cleaning can help ensure that your tile does not prematurely age or break down, which can result in significant cost savings in the long run.

Marble Polishing in Manhattan, NY, Prevents Surfaces from Losing Their Luster

Marble is a wonderful building material, and it’s a very popular choice for flooring and many other surfaces. It has a unique natural look and is very durable. These qualities make it an ideal product for use in offices and various other commercial locations.


Although it’s durable, it still requires maintenance to retain its appearance over the long term. It’s not a type of flooring or countertop that can just be installed and forgotten about with the confidence that it will always look great. Marble polishing in Manhattan, NY, is the key to making sure the material looks as lovely as the day it was installed.


Marble polishing brings back the luster that gets diminished over time through use and wear. But a proven process, as provided by a team like ours at Diamond Stone Restorations Corp., will restore any surface to its previous beauty.


Polishing removes any contaminants that have dulled the finish. It will bring out the shine and glitter that make marble one of the go-to choices for classic and classy offices and workspace, as well as residential uses. A regular cleaning routine keeps your marble looking bright and dazzling.


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Add Sparkle to Your Workplace with Commercial Floor Polishing Manhattan, NY

The floors in an office get a lot of varied foot traffic daily. Over time, that adds up to a grit and grime layer that negatively affects the entire area's look, not just the floor. Hard surface flooring requires more than the occasional sweeping or mopping. If your business has marble floors, for instance, then it's best to have them maintained with commercial floor polishing in Manhattan, NY.


At Diamond Stone Restorations Corp., we have plenty of expertise with commercial floor polishing, and we'll discuss in this post why you should consider making it a regular part of your property's maintenance plan.


Our professionals have the skills and equipment to quickly do the job and with minimal interruption to your daily routine. Some companies will even work outside of regular hours to meet the needs of their clients.


Prior to polishing the floors, the team you hire should use a specialized process to thoroughly remove any buildup that can harm the look and finish. Once that's completed, your cleaners should apply a polish that gives a brilliant shine while also protecting the floors until it's time for the next cleaning. You can count on our staff to assist you with dependable services for your flooring.

Recommended Methods for Keeping Marble Floors Clean

Marble is not a high-maintenance flooring. However, even though it’s tough, it does need care and attention to look its best. This is why marble refinishing in Manhattan, NY, is essential. You have a variety of services available to make that marble surface look as good it did on the day of installation. As an experienced stone-polishing company, we suggest these steps for marble maintenance:


Taking Loving Care of Marble Surfaces

The steps it takes to restore marble flooring depends on the condition. The greater the damage, the more care the surface requires to return to its former glory. When there are deep stains, chips, or scratches, begin with honing. This involves going over the surface with industrial diamonds to smooth the flooring and remove the stains.


To protect marble, we recommend one of two methods – polishing or crystallization. Polishing involves buffing the surface to a shine and perhaps adding a sealant. Crystallization involves polishing with a chemical spray. This spray contains calcium fluorosilicate, bonding the calcium with the marble to avoid scratches.


After getting the flooring back in shape, clean it every day with a dust mop, get rid of stains with a damp cloth, and deep clean the floor once a month. With marble refinishing, it’s convenient to maintain the elegance of this natural stone.