Professional Terrazzo Flooring Restoration in Manhattan, NY

Terrazzo flooring lets you add charm and elegance to any space. Over time, however, traffic takes its toll on even the most beautiful surfaces. At Diamond Stone Restoration, we provide the solutions you need to bring back the beauty you desire. With a full team of dependable professionals ready to do the job, we are the go-choice for maintenance and terrazzo flooring restoration in Manhattan, NY.

Since this material is such a significant investment, we understand the importance of delivering results that last. Whether you need some minor upkeep or a drastic improvement, you can count on us to get the job done. Plus, we have highly competitive rates. It’s all part of giving you the best commercial stone care in Manhattan, NY, for your money.


Great pricing doesn’t matter if you need another restoration in the near future. That’s why we never settle for short-term shine. When you call us for floor polishing in Manhattan, NY, we use high-grade equipment and products to create long-lasting protection for your surfaces. Even with frequent traffic, we provide floors that stand up to the test of time. Find out how we can help with your terrazzo by reaching out today for your free service estimate.