Keeping Wood Floors Clean

Wooden floors add so much character and ambiance to any living space, but they also require regular maintenance to keep them looking their best. Turn to us for useful advice related to wood floor cleaning in Manhattan, NY.


Basic Advice

Regardless of the type of flooring you have, always start by sweeping the entire surface with a rubber-bristle broom, moving from one side of the room to the other—don’t forget to get into the corners and behind your furniture. Then, make a large pile of all the collected dirt.


Next, vacuum up this pile before going over the entire surface again with the vacuum. Be sure to use an attachment meant for hardwood floors, and stay away from rotating brushes that pose a scratching hazard. Remember to place your vacuum hose in the cracks between flooring boards for maximum cleanliness. This process should be completed weekly; however, be sure to clean up large messes immediately to avoid long-lasting damage.


Sealed vs. Unsealed Hardwood

Sealed floors are covered with a water- and stain-resistant topcoat. For this reason, avoid using any waxes, oils, or sprays as they can make your surface dangerous and slippery. Your best bet is to use a diluted wood floor cleaner.


Unsealed floors, on the other hand, lack this protective barrier. Therefore, don’t use any water or liquid cleaners during the cleaning process. Instead, sweep and mop frequently, and consider a wax treatment for a more permanent esthetic boost.


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