Effective Concrete Polishing in Manhattan, NY

When you are looking for modern, cost-effective flooring, concrete is an excellent option that will make your property look like a beautiful, industrial piece of art. However, when it starts to show signs of wear or gets damaged, it can be very pricey to replace. Your best option is to maintain it or restore it with concrete polishing in Manhattan, NY. Companies like Diamonds Stone Restorations Corp. offer some of the best prices to get your concrete surfaces looking brand new.

Whether you use concrete for flooring, counters, or other areas, rest assured that concrete polishing is a great way to ensure it retains its beautiful, novel look. The first step is finding a trustworthy company that will get the job done right. Usually, the floor is smoothed with large, industrial grinding machines. Each stage uses a different grind coarseness (60- to 3000- grit surfaces, some incorporating diamonds) for the smoothest finish.

Two Methods for Concrete Polishing

Dry Polishing

Dry polishing is the best option for a high-gloss shine for your concrete floor. Despite its name, it does require the use of some water between stages to control dust.

Wet Polished Method

This method uses more water between stages and generally produces a low-luster finish. Advantages of this method include less downtime and cost savings, and because of the water, there is virtually no dust involved. 

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