How to Refinish Marble Tiles – Marble Polishing in Manhattan, NY

Marble tiles are a timeless, beautiful accent for any home. That being said, marble needs to be regularly cleaned and buffed to ensure it retains its natural beauty. Marble polishing in Manhattan, NY, is a specialty for companies like Diamond Stone Restoration.  They have the tools and equipment to ensure your marble looks its best for many years to come. But polishing marble in-between professional restorations is something you can take care of on your own, too. All you need is safety equipment such as gloves and goggles when handling chemicals and power tools.

Steps for DIY Marble Polishing

Here are a few steps to consider when you’re preparing to do some marble polishing of your own:

1.    Clean Marble Tiles: Clean the marble tiles with water and mild detergent.
2.    Buff the Surface: Apply an appropriate amount of buffing compound or marble refinishing compound to the buffing pad and use the angle grinder to buff the surface of the marble tile.
3.    Clean the Area: Be sure to pour additional water on the buffed surface to remove the excess compound, then wipe the area dry.
4.    Apply Sealer: Use a soft paintbrush to seal the marble tiles after refinishing. This will help protect the surface against stains and mild scratches.

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