Over time, marble floors, countertops, walls, and vanities can lose their luster. If the marble in your home has become scratched or dull, call the professionals at Diamond Stone Restorations Corp in Manhattan, NY for marble polishing service.

While marble is generally a low-maintenance stone, it is vulnerable to damage. If not properly cared for, marble floors and other household surfaces can become scratched or lose their shine. But you can restore the look of dull or damaged marble with a professional polishing. And that's where Diamond Stone Restoration can help. We understand that your marble floors and countertops were no small investment, and we're serious about helping you maintain their beauty and value. Our polishing service will bring out the shine and luster you fell in love with while helping to protect your marble surfaces against further wear and tear.

Restore your marble to its former beauty. Call Diamond Stone Restoration in Manhattan, NY today for an estimate.