How Winter Affects Your Flooring

Winter takes its toll on everything from people to possessions. And while people take care to wrap up warmly during the cold months, your possessions need help from you. So, what do you do to keep that flooring safe from November through March? As experts in the care of stone surfaces, we provide these tips for floor cleaning in Manhattan, NY, as a way to maintain beautiful floors even in the depths of winter.


Practical Suggestions for Snow-Free Surfaces

We urge you to take three steps to protect your floors from Old Man Winter:


Prevention – Of course, the best thing you can do is to keep the melting snow and rock salt outside where it belongs. To prevent some of it from getting inside, use ice melt products with discretion. A fertilizer spreader works well to distribute salt evenly. And use ice melt with regularity throughout the day as the snow continues to fall.


Floor Runners – Long floor mats may not look pretty, but they do protect your flooring. They’re a necessity in the winter. Place them at entryways, along the counters, and down hallways.


Cleaning – Frequent floor cleaning is a necessity. You may have to have someone do this a couple of times each day, depending on foot traffic and the amount of snow outside. It is helpful to hire a porter to clean the floors and wipe away the drips.