Recommended Methods for Keeping Marble Floors Clean

Marble is not a high-maintenance flooring. However, even though it’s tough, it does need care and attention to look its best. This is why marble refinishing in Manhattan, NY, is essential. You have a variety of services available to make that marble surface look as good it did on the day of installation. As an experienced stone-polishing company, we suggest these steps for marble maintenance:


Taking Loving Care of Marble Surfaces

The steps it takes to restore marble flooring depends on the condition. The greater the damage, the more care the surface requires to return to its former glory. When there are deep stains, chips, or scratches, begin with honing. This involves going over the surface with industrial diamonds to smooth the flooring and remove the stains.


To protect marble, we recommend one of two methods – polishing or crystallization. Polishing involves buffing the surface to a shine and perhaps adding a sealant. Crystallization involves polishing with a chemical spray. This spray contains calcium fluorosilicate, bonding the calcium with the marble to avoid scratches.


After getting the flooring back in shape, clean it every day with a dust mop, get rid of stains with a damp cloth, and deep clean the floor once a month. With marble refinishing, it’s convenient to maintain the elegance of this natural stone.