Marble Refinishing for Bathrooms

For many homeowners, a marble vanity is the centerpiece for the bathroom. This area is one of the most-frequented spaces in the house, so it is inevitable that such surfaces will begin to show signs of wear and tear eventually.


Marble refinishing in Manhattan, NY, is a multi-step process that should only be conducted by a trained and experienced marble restorer. Here are a few insights into the refinishing process.


A Primer on Marble Restoration

The type of finish most associated with marble is “polished.” Through a multi-step process, a marble vanity or counter is ground down with several types of abrasives to remove imperfections. Then, a sealant is applied to give the material some resistance to water.


A common misconception about marble refinishing is that the process only involves the application of a chemical compound, which is rubbed into the surface. While chemicals can be part of the process, it’s only one step of many.


You might require a refinishing service if your marble encounters damage from a chemical process called “etching.” When acidic liquids come in contact with marble, it undergoes a chemical reaction that makes the surface appear dull. These aren’t stains: they are a natural reaction that is inherent in marble’s chemical composition.


If your marble vanity appears uneven or dull in places, then it is recommended to call a stone restorer to provide marble refinishing services. They have the equipment, materials, and knowledge to make your marble look like new.